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By | March 1, 2019

Vidmate Download 2017 is one of the most Omnipotent app basically specialized in downloading all the videos from YouTube Downloader. This app can be very well operated on Android, PC, iOS and iphone devices. And presently you can obtain the online downloading along with all of the favourite songs from YouTube downloader in MP3 and MP4 formats accumulating the quality of HD. And thus, this Vidmate app has been the daily necessity for downloading and sharing viral videos on youtube, facebook, daily motion and so on. Hence, this latest version is one of the most favoured apps and currently being accumulated by plenty of users worldwide. The newest Vidmate download 2017 is quite lighter in weight and is rapid in downloading all of the videos to Android devices without any delay. The application size of Vidmate is of about 6.3MB and this app captivates the minimum supporting Android version 2.3 and above, the version of this app is of about 2.4.4.  Moving forward, in the world there prevails plenty of users who have the craze of watching movies, videos and music and so on. And for such reasons Vidmate is the utmost beneficial app considerable in streaming and obtaining the download of unlimited videos and movies.

At the beginning this app was specifically amplified for Android devices. Thus, due to this the user has the authority of downloading most of the favourable videos, movies from YouTube app without any issues. Along with this app, various other downloaders are applicable such as Daily Motion, Vimeo, MP3Tube, VibMate and so on. The app is most popularly recognized all over the world because of its most genetic attributes inclined in them. Lastly, Vidmate is quite an extraordinary app among various other internet users all because it provides an awesome and simpler method of downloading obtaining rapid speed without any delay. Moreover, Vidmate obtains a huge catalogue containing plenty of various MP3 songs and thus it distributes as the largest collection of several MP3 music in it. Within no time, a user can very easily download the most favourable MP3 songs. Overall, let us just find out what is so special about this app by having a glance at the attributes sprinkled below.


 Below specified are some of the most genetic attributes of this app

  1. No forced ads are present in this app, as this app has minimized quite a number of ads interrupting in between.
  2. The Vidmate app has awesome artistic substantial outline displayed in it.
  3. Download support of around 4K and 60FPS is been provided
  4. A division of internal player too is been fully granted in this app in order to play the videos
  5. Muscular engine of video browsing is accessible in this app
  6. With various other features, Video playback on YouTube is been optimized
  7. This app aids in providing various video and audio formats.
  8. All the downloading procedure is been displayed on the backend of the device incurring with the lower resolution and format of 3GP.
  9. Videos can be viewed even through the slowest internet connection
  10. Vidmate is a very functional app acting as an tool for YouTube app.


 Finally, if you are in search of a free reliable app permitting you to download most of the online videos on your Smartphones, then you have arrived at the right place through which you can obtain all of the above requirements as preferred by you. And if you are very much satisfied on being the owner of an Android device, then you shouldn’t delay any more further to download Vidmate for Android and get the instant download by moving in to the trustworthy website of 9Apps web store, share your experience and obtain the pleasure to the full extent without any annoyance.

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